Hello Spirit to Spirit

Saying hello Spirit to Spirit is a wonderful gift. Being truly seen feels so good. They say you can see the soul of a person through their Eye’s. Today gaze into the eye’s of someone you know or don’t know. Without any judgement or agenda. Simply look for the light within. You’ll notice a delightful moment of connection. Notice how this brightens your day and their day. 🙂

Scarcity or Abundance

Scarcity is a belief that everything is physical.
Abundance is a belief that everything is energy.
Which belief do you hang out with?

I like to think “My life is a reflection of my thoughts”

Energy Tip:
First thing in the morning, set your momentum for the day
Choose an Abundant thought!

You can choose one of these or make up your own:

My life is a refection of my thoughts.
Today I give thanks for all the good things around me.
I am free.
What I focus on multiplies.
I am a magnet for joyous miracles
Life is good.
I am healthy, wealthy and wise.
I always have a smile to give.
I now receive an overflowing avalanche of abundance.