Walking the Labyrinth ~ Open to All ~ Free ~ Location Poncha Springs, CO ~

WE use the Labyrinth as a walking meditation. The best way to experience a Labyrinth is to walk it. Pose a question that you would like insight on, OR is there a feeling you would like to experience more of ? As you walk let the Labyrinth help you move toward your insight, pause in the center connecting with your inner knowing. May be a answer, a feeling, or knowing, which you then turn around and walk from once you came, and exit with what you have gained.

A Labyrinth is not a maze. On the contrary a Labyrinth helps you move out confusion and perplexity and increases your awareness to nature and your higher self as spirit.


Must call for directions and to set a time to walk. Mary offers Labyrinth Classes and Special Occasion walks.

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