Clairvoyant Readings

In this reading you will have a chance to tell your story and ask questions. Receive insights, next steps and a few tools to use daily that will support any shift you would like to make.

Perhaps there is a situation you are experiencing and would like to change. Awareness gives you the power to change.

All communication is from neutrality, compassion and amusement. Plan on your spirit connecting more deeply with your body. This clairvoyant reading opens the door for self exploration, to uncover your own divine wisdom, light, joy and happiness… Say goodbye to stagnation that stops the flow of life.

Reading sessions can be done in person or by phone. Call Mary at 720-938-9773 to schedule.

30 minutes - $95

45 minutes - $125

One Hour - $150

House or Business Healing

Long distant or on site. Does your living and working space seem heavy, dense or uncomfortable? It may need a clearing! Come home to a relaxing atmosphere. Let your home or work space be peaceful, fulfilling or whatever you want. Clear stagnant and destructive patterns that are not in present time. Promote success and flow. This allows you to create the sacred space you desire.

Want to Sell your house or business: It is so important to clear your and others past experiences from the dwelling, whether it is joyful or sad. A clearing of your life experiences enables the space to be open for someone new to come in.

$200 Depending on size and location

Hands On ~ Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit ~ Rejuvenation

Lay comfortably and experience a unique session, totally focused on you. Be ready for a happy shift on all levels. Release and Renew. Balance and Harmony is the goal of this session.  Blocks are dispelled as alignment with your true and clear self are encouraged.

Helps restore the flow of light and energy within your body, mind and spirit. Mary uses an array of tools in this session. Following her intuitive guidance she picks the ones best suited for you. Some of the tools you can experience: Reiki, Bio Genesis, Tuning Forks, Essential Oils, Golden light of the Christ Conscious Grid, Violet Flame of Forgiveness...

One Hour $125,

Once a Month $100


One on One Phone Session Series

Once a week for 6 weeks: Guided meditations: Learn tools to enhance your every day life. Plan on having your intuition validated. This class is experiential.

  • Be grounded in present time
  • Know your inner peace and strengths
  • Run your personal energy
  • Clear negativity
  • Manifest your desires
  • Cultivate your Happiness

This class is a great opportunity to step forward on your spiritual path.

$100  per session; 1 hour each

Contact Mary to set up your session today