What some kind hearts have said

Mary uses her incredible gifts in a caring, joyful, and professional manner, so you release and transform what’s been holding you back from being who you want to be. I’ve enjoyed and appreciated her energy work, clairvoyant skills, and classes she has taught over the past few years. She has helped me release things I wasn’t consciously aware that I was holding onto. I’m in a much better and clearer space now, because of her help.   Mary also does healing at a distance, and helped my daughter go from feeling upset about her job and her coworkers to shifting her attitude and loving her job again in just one session. That was almost a year ago and the changes are still in place. Plus, a few months after this transformation, she received an unexpected raise. Her shift was noticed by her boss as well.


Salida, Colorado

Mary Verhoeven has been my Spiritual Counselor for several years after her being recommended to me by my wife. Mary’s teaching and guidance has greatly enhanced my meditation. I am achieving a more complete and fulfilling life as a result of a deeper understanding of the meditation process.  Prior to and after two major surgeries, Mary’s guidance and her willingness to work alongside modern medicine has, I believe, speeded my ability to rapidly gain full health.  Mary’s unique ability to listen and then apply her abilities to your individual situation makes every meeting with her extremely valuable. I have recommended Mary several times in the past and have receive very positive feedback from each individual after their personal or phone appointments.

Wayne Sawyer

Salida, Colorado

Mary has been a blessing for me in recent stages of my life’s growth. Her kindness has helped me to feel immediately comfortable with her and her depth of understanding as to energy presence is strong and clear. Through her guidance and teachings, I’ve been able to expand in my successes and am so grateful to her for sharing her abilities.

Molly Sawyer

Artiest, North Carolina

I met Mary in 2009, I was in a state of confusion, doubting my own worth, and lacked direction. I often felt just flat, without emotions. Depressed.   From the first time we did energy work, I started to have hope. Mary knew things in those sessions that I never told her.   After the first sessions, I attended some guided meditation classes, and started learning some tools to help myself.   Even on the phone, I gain the same peace, sense of well being and learn new tools! I have called during periods of crisis, and sessions following the death of loved ones, gained enough strength to leave a bad marriage, and its been Mary, who was always there with more tools, more information and more ways to shift the energy.   We are currently working by phone, and I think its more helpful than therapy. I use my tools one or more times per day, and find I do have strength, value, and a sense of purpose.

Cheryl Anne Smith


With appreciation to the Beatles… “When I find myself in times of trouble,” Reverend Mary comforts me… whether it be relief from the trauma following surgery or an accident by balancing my energy field and clearing imbalances and blockages: or helping to open/clear the space in order to facilitate the sale of my house. Mary has been the person I’ve turned to over the years for compassionate and consistent results.

Barbara Van Wijch

PT BFLT, Salida, Colorado

Dear Mary / friend / collaborator / co-conspirator / Olympian-reader-healer:

 – Please forgive all the following words, my thanks for your help the past few weeks. If you’d enjoy more words, read on.
 Thanks so much for the feedback and space-holding of our reads in the past week or so. I’m experiencing a strengthening alignment of my self-spirit-body and more direct capability to take action through previous sludge, in a way that’s quite new.
 Here’s what I experience of your support when we read:
– clear-eyed
– un-shakable purpose
– comprehensive loving support
 Your style of energy healing is a very powerful medicine
Thanks so much,
Deb Fels

Deb Fels

Boulder, Colorado

Mary! Have your ears been burning? I’ve been telling a friend from school how you’ve made such a difference in my life. I truly believe that without your guidance I would still be in Salida and possibly divorced instead of following my dream of being a hairstylist. My husband and I are doing good and our marriage is stronger than ever before, I believe thanks to you. We have moved so I can go to cosmetology school. My husband is very supportive and I’m holding a 98% overall grade as of the end of my 2nd term. I miss all of my friends and family, but I really feel like for once I am living for me! It feels like it was all meant to be. You were right, I needed to trust my heart and not be afraid. All of the things you taught me have helped me to stay positive and manage my frustrations. Now I just laugh at how scared I was to step out of my comfort zone. I just wanted to let you know how things were going and thank you for helping me to find my way.

Mandy B


Thank you Mary for reminding me to celebrate how far I’ve come in my journey rather than only focusing on how far I still need to go.  I was feeling stuck in many areas of my life and have felt hope again after our encounter.  You have a very warm and accepting spirit and I’m grateful that our spirits have crossed.  The day after working together I was offered the opportunity to receive free nutritional counseling from a nationally known individual.  In addition, later that same week I was guided to a scholastic program that is closer and even better that the one I am currently attending; which will save me a substantial amount of time, stress, and money.  Thanks again Mary for allowing love and light to flow through you as a gift to others.

S. Hazel

Broomfield, CO

I feel 100% confident of recommending Mary to my friends and clients! I’m always amazed at the depth we can get to during one session. Each session can be so different – and perfect for what i need at the time. I love that I can even get physical relief from sessions over the phone! Lately, we’ve been able to speed up and move quickly, healing one issue, then another, then another during an hour. I always have a good cry.


Salida, Colorado

Mary helped me in one of the most difficult times of my life–I was very sick–the second time I saw her, I felt a real sense of healing begin in my body and an increase in my energy. Every time since that experience has been wonderful, soothing and healing for me. She is a true healer, a great listener and I will be forever grateful to her!

By the way, I am doing great! and on my way to full health–thank you so much for your part in helping me…


Boulder, Colorado

Thank You Mary for the reading. It gives me more tools and affirmations to work with good luck with your work love.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Mary Just wanted to thank you for allowing me to experience your work! I felt taller and spiritually massaged afterwords. I look forward to working with you in the future.


Loveland, Colorado

Mary of Sunshine
Mary of light
Mary of giggles
Mary of keen sight
She shows me my love
And she shows me my power
She shares the perfect tools
So my being may flower
Master of release
And of letting go
She helps me feel free
When I just don’t know
Mary is charming
And Mary will play
She shows the true magic
Of self-healing in the perfect way
I would pick Mary any day