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To receive current information on upcoming classes and events it’s best to be on my email list. You can contact me at or or call 720-938-9773 to be placed on the list.

Telephone Class

Don’t leave the comfort of your home and join this powerful, simple and profound class. learn stepping stones that will bring you from sleep to wakefulness, from illusion to reality, from fear to Love. This first class is on techniques to ground and  oh how powerful it is 🙂 (Evenings, 7pm, 8 week class)

Meditation ~ Truth

Meditation relieves stress and teaches you to go within for your answers. Become your own best friend. Connect more deeply with your path. Nurture your creative power. Heal yourself. Be grounded in your truth. This  8 week Guided Meditation class is  starting June 17th, 7pm, Poncha Springs, CO call now for more info and to reserve your spot 720-938-9773

Nature Walk with Mary

Connecting with nature helps synchronize your rhythms to the universal heartbeat. Your natural timing improves so that you’re in the right place at the right time. Renew your spirit and revive your energy level.  Join Mary for a gentle walk, some meditative pondering, sharing and connecting.  Call for schedule 720-938-9773

Way of Mastery Study Group

Nothing that you experience is caused by anything outside of you. You experience only the effects of your own choice. The Way of Mastery ~~~ Purchase this amazing Book at  Or read it at the Salida Library (reference book) All welcome. We will use meditation and energy work to release that which keeps you in fear versus love. Call for details.

Walking the Labyrinth

Call to schedule a time to walk  720-938-9773.  Located in Poncha Springs, Colorado.

The Labyrinth creates a sacred space to connect with nature and the truth within. A bridge is created between heaven and earth. The best way to experience a Labyrinth is to walk it.

A Labyrinth is not a maze. On the contrary a Labyrinth helps you move out confusion and perplexity and increases your awareness to nature. ~ Mary offers an inspirational focus on how to play in the Labyrinth.

Private Phone or Skype Sessions

Once a week for 6 weeks: Guided meditation: Learn tools to enhance and validate your intuition.

  • Be grounded in present time
  • Know your inner peace and strengths
  • Run your personal energy
  • Clear negativity
  • Manifest your dreams
  • Cultivate your wisdom

This class is a great opportunity to step forward on your spiritual path.

$75  1 hour or $40 1/2 hour

Power of Forgiveness Workshop

Forgiveness is love giving us yet another chance to learn, to heal and to dance through life. The healing of all relationships begins with forgiveness. This class will be interactive and fun. Guided meditation, which, anyone can do and use as a tool at home or anywhere. Wear comfy cloths and leave your cell phone at home. It’s a time for giving to you!   $35

 Guided Meditation Series

We are meant to live life in Joy and Happiness. With so much change happening in our world today, it’s important to quite the critic and practice being happy. Learn to connect more deeply with your spirit and soul purpose. Topics covered: grounding, running your personal energy, creating the space to have your dreams come true.

This class will change your life in a very positive way. What we do now will determine what our future will be. Come and explore the art of conscious creating.
$35 per session.

Spirit Guides: We Are Not Alone

If your ready to expand your boundaries of what is possible, this class is for you! Our Spirit Guides provide support and reassurance in helping us live out our life path. Learn how to ask and give permission for your guides to help you! Plan on having fun in this interactive class.  $35.

Clairvoyant Training Program

This is a six month program designed to brighten your world. Come and explore the art of living consciously. Discover your abilities to create the world you desire. Learn to deprogram old patterns, read Aura’s, trust your intuition and make choices from your certainty. Become a conscious creator of your own life and of the world around you.

On Going, Class meets once a week for 6 months, Reading times to be announced

1st chakra class

Are you surviving or thriving? This is a four week class designed to explore your foundation with guided meditation, movement and sound. A house cannot stand without a solid foundation. Learn tools to strengthen your 1st chakra…Meets once a week for 4 weeks … some required reading before class starts! For discription of charka see Frequently Asked Questions 

Relationship Class

Bring your current relationship into present time ~ Or attract a new partner ~

In this guided meditation class you’ll touch in with your relationship space. Release old energy that doesn’t work for you now. Free up your energy from childhood and past partners. Release stuck energy in the physical body. Open up the second chakra to attraction. Learn how to send out an energetic love letter.
Mary will give you tools to help you access your healing energy, and reset your intention at a whole new vibration.

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