Teachings of Mary

Expect a Big Hello from Mary to your spirit. That in it’s self is a subtle, yet powerful healing. The more you validate yourself as a spirit in a body, the more you bring it into the physical. Creating your truth into the world. Open to the possibilities of your limitless self.

Create from heart, mind and soul. Cultivate your Happiness to adopt a “Loving” view of life. Working with Mary will take you deeper and deeper into the experience of realizing the Truth of who you are.

Each session/class is beautiful, simple and profound. Learn stepping stones that will bring you from sleep to Wakefulness, from illusion to Reality, from fear to Love. Love is the essence of all that you are and your purpose cannot be other than to extend Love to all of creation.

Our mission together then is practicing The Awakened State which empowers you to be all you are created to be, so that our world can be blessed by your unique, worthy, precious and divine gifts. BE that pure and ever present, perfectly innocent and completely awakened vibration which is peace.

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