The Wisdom of You

Come experience the Wisdom of You! through empowering workshops and private sessions by Mary Verhoeven

I believe that throughout life we meet many wonderful and unique individuals, each traveling on their path to happiness, insight and knowledge.

We are all souls who have spent time on this Earth in order to grow and share  with our fellow beings. Before we depart this existence we give back a little part of our selves in the form of love, knowledge and conscious awareness. The planet as a whole will benefit from our love and caring.

Meditation and Clairvoyant practice has a profound effect on people who have studied them through the years. They have acted as a catalyst to learning, understanding and spirituality as we strive to understand the meaning and purpose behind life and evolution.

Sharing information and creating a safe place by which people can learn to communicate peacefully with each other in order to spread love, light and positivity to the planet is my vision. This all starts with you and me as individuals.

Together we can make the world a better place.

I wish you well on your path to happiness and enlightenment.

Bright Blessings