Today is a good day. White stars falling from the sky. Accumulation of over a foot of snow has blessed the earth. It reminds me of the grace of source. How small we are from the view of the big picture. Yet, how grand we are in the perspective of how we can affect one another. When was the last time you smiled at someone you don’t even know? They could be having the worst day of their life and a smile from a stranger could give them the hope or reminder to lighten up enough to get through. When things seem like they can’t get any worst, find someone to help, give hope. What you give to another you give to yourself. Today I received such a gift by helping a child. In return I received a big genuine, from the heart “Thank You for Helping Me.” It made me realize that giving time to another can fill the heart with JOY. Like tiny little snow flakes that accumulate blessing the earth, giving, sharing who you are, one moment at a time becomes grace. A helping hand, joy, understanding, forgiveness, wonder, enthusiasm, truth, comfort or what would you like to give and therefore receive?

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