(((August Special)))

Clairvoyant reading with Mary

Are you surviving or thriving? Awareness gives you the power to change things.

Bring a thought out question. One, two or three question you would like to receive insight, clarity and what next steps to take. Can be a situation you are experiencing and would like to change. Gain new awareness. Awareness gives you the power to change. Receive information on what keeps you from knowing your own answers. All communication is from neutrality, compassion and amusement. Plan on your spirit connecting more deeply with your body. This clairvoyant reading opens the door for self exploration, to uncover you own divine wisdom, light, joy and happiness… Say goodbye to stagnations that stops the flow of life.

Plan on 1 1/2 to 2 hours for your session

In person or phone. 720-938-9773

((( $100))) Regularly $150

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