More Light Coming

A beautiful blanket of snow is on the ground. My puppy is
napping, after our morning walk. The sun is peeping through the clouds, making
for a beautiful day!

Have you noticed more light coming through from the sun? Feels
like a time like no other. All that has been shoved under the rug has come up
for inspection, for complete healing and forgiveness. No longer can we hold any
pain from the past. Have you noticed more light on the planet, bubbling up that
which holds fear? Great change my dear friend’s moves the soul closer to thee.
For we choose this time to be here now. Learning to play in the sandbox with
great rejoice and glee. Relationships abound, so delighted to see, my bother
and sister can no longer condemn me. For we have the choice to be free at last,
to sore like a bird and be like a tree.