A Guide to what is Essential

1. Right Knowledge, to supply you with the tools necessary for your voyage. 2. Wisdom, to assure you that you are using the accumulated knowledge of the past in a manner that will best serve the discovery of you presence, your “now”. 3. Compassion, to help you accept others whose ways may be different from yours, with gentleness and understanding, as you move with them or through them or around them on your own way. 4. Harmony, to be able to accept the natural flow of life. 5. Creativity, to help you to realize and recognize new alternatives and unchartered paths along the way. 6. Strength, to stand up against fear and move forward in spite of uncertainty, without guarantee or payment. 7. Peace, to keep you centered. 8. Joy, to keep you songful, and laughing and dancing all along the way. 9. Love, to be your continual guide towards the highest level of consciousness of which man is capable. 10. Unity, which brings us back to where we started–the place where we are at one with ourselves and with all things.                              Leo F. Buscaglia, Ph.D.