What is Spiritual Counseling?

To define spiritual counseling it’s best to start by saying what it is not.
Spirituality is not a religion, a doctrine, a faith, or a system of rules to
live by. Spirituality must be redefined as the return to our higher
consciousness of love. Spirituality takes you to the destination of
unconditional love. The different ways one may travel to get there are not
important. All spiritual paths lead to the same home.

Spiritual counseling is a powerful healing paradigm that goes beyond the five
senses into the deeper soul, where true healing takes place. It is a dynamic
process that inspires you to follow your own heart and your own path. Spiritual counseling commands “to thine own self be true… and be loving.” On higher ground, we know who we are and what we are capable of becoming. We are lifted beyond mediocrity into the powerful truth that we are spiritual beings with the ability to heal ourselves.

Spiritual counseling is a deep healing modality that is about the freedom of the  soul. It is different than psychology because it invites you to go beyond the  rational mind, to enter the divine energy vibration of love and peace. This is the basis of the ancient spirtual teachings and the wisdom of past ages.

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